Gladstone to make global debut at NEC

The first bespoke British motorcycle brand since Hesketh

GLADSTONE motorcycles are showing off their first motorcycle, called 'No.1' at Motorcycle Live.

Gladstone's founder, Henry Cole, said that the motorcycle will appeal to “discerning hooligans”. The No.1 is powered by a 744cc Triumph T140 engine housed in a Metisse designed Nickel-plated frame.

Production is limited to just 9 machines. Cole claims that just three people other than himself have ridden the prototype; co-designer Gerry Lisi of Metisse, builder Guy Willison and motorcycle journalist, Lord Alan Cathcart OBE (BA (Hons) Creative Writing).

Whilst former Liberal Prime Minister William Gladstone was Henry’s great, great uncle it was from another branch of the family tree from that Cole took his inspiration. “My Uncle Dick, an eccentric bike nut we knew as ‘Red Beard’ made a profound impression during my formative years. He had Broughs, BSAs and Triumphs knocking around his garage in Liverpool and they stirred something in me. I’ve been obsessed with motorcycling ever since.”

The prototype motorcycle will feature on Carole Nash’s stand at the show and production versions will cost 'a relatively modest' £22,995.