Furygan join the Jet-Age!

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly!

Furygan join the Jet-Age!

THE first ever flying motorcycle has been unveiled by French manufacturer, Lazareth. Built by the famous French craftsman and innovator, Ludovic Lazareth. The machine, code named LMV 496, is powered by four 96,000-rpm JetCat jet turbines that are mounted in the centre of each wheel-hub. This allows the machine to function either as a ‘conventional’ motorcycle, or to transform into the flying bike from the Jetsons!



And keeping the rider/pilot’s safe for the maiden flight is French made Furygan one-piece leather suit. For the futuristic project, Ludovic’s aim was to work with partners known for their genuine know-how and passion for innovation. Ludovic put his trust in french motorcycling brand, Furygan by asking them to develop the suit of the rider – and pilot – of this exciting one-off machine.

Communication, Marketing and Sponsoring Manager at Furygan, David Robert, said: “We are extremely proud to have supported this futuristic French project. Ambition and a willingness to innovate is part of Furygan’s DNA and we see it as our duty to participate in research and project in order to anticipate the needs of tomorrow and build the garments that will accompany them.”

Lazareth is no stranger to whacky motorcycle designs, in fact – you’ve probably seen his 470hp Maserati powered LM847 before. But don’t worry if you haven’t – there is a video below!