The Flux Motorcycles Primo is an 85bhp 553lb-ft dirt bike

The Flux Motorcycles Primo boasts KYB forks, an Öhlins shock and is set to take on the might of the KTM 450 ECX in enduro racing


WE at Visordown have long held the belief that in the current world, the off-road sector is where electric power is currently best suited. That’s one of the reasons this new Flux Motorcycles Primo electric dirt bike has us all frothing at the mouth!

Dripping with top-spec kit, the Primo boasts suspension from KYB and Öhlins – front and rear respectively – and the performance of the electric motor is simply mind-blowing. The dinky 7.7kg unit pumps out a whopping 85bhp making it already more powerful than most 450cc internal combustion engine machines. As with any electric bike, the torque is really what it’s all about, and on that front, the new machine certainly does not disappoint. With 553lb-ft of torque on offer (from zero revs obvs’), the Flux Primo has more grunt than a Tesla Model 3 (302lb-ft).

The motor of the bike is also water-cooled, with a small radiator nestling in the traditional place to keep things cool under power. Furthermore, the battery cells are reported to each have an individual cooling circuit, to help reduce voltage drop-off while riding hard.

Elsewhere on the bike, it is equally impressive, with top-spec KYB 48mm fully adjustable forks and an Öhlins TTX full adjustable rear shock. The frame of the bike is created by HM Moto and bears more than a striking resemblance to the item found on the CRF450F.

Interestingly, the Primo uses an energy recovery system to recoup energy created from slowing the bike down. It’s then fed back into the battery, as a kind of top-up range extender to maximise performance on longer rides. Another interesting piece of tech is the inclusion of a ‘virtual clutch’. We can’t find much out about how this would work, but we imagine it's something like the system found on early Electric Motion trials bikes and is unlikely to be hydraulic.

Pricing for the Flux Primo is not yet known, and neither is a delivery date. The company does have an official website though, and more information can be found there.

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