First Look: Honda EV-Cub 2WD

Check out the 2WD electric version of the world's best-selling motorcycle

THIS IS THE Honda EV-Cub - an electric two-wheel-drive version of the world's top selling motorcycle, the Super Cub.

Details are scant about the lightweight, state-of-the-art electric motorcycle, but sources say the machine could be on sale as early as next year, if consumer demand is strong enough.

With the ever-increasing call for alternative-fuel transport, we see no reason why this bike shouldn't be a big hit with city centre, short-hop commuters.

We think it looks pretty cool and the fact it's two-wheel drive hints at the future for Honda motorcycles.

Let's hope it sells well, mind you, it'll have to go some to top the Super Cub's 60 million units sold record.