First Look: 2011 Honda SW-T600

New 600cc Superscooter makes debut at Milan Show

"Unrivalled luxury. Effortless power" - that's what Honda's claiming about the company's new SW-T600 superscooter.

Not sure the chaps at the Big H have yet been in a Bugatti Veyron, but the lads and lasses behind the new twin-cylinder scooter are certainly frothing over their latest baby:

"A high-tec, large-capacity scooter that offers car-like luxury while integrating the very latest in advanced technology, great design and dynamic engineering.

Comfortable. Powerful. Reliable and affordable. It’s easy to enjoy the SW-T600."

As you'd expect, the T600 boasts cavernous underseat storage, along with a 16-litre fuel tank, CVT transmission, with a kerb weight of 247kg - add 3kg for optional ABS package.