FGR 2500 V6: 2500cc, 240bhp, no fairing

Czech-made 240bhp V6 production bike breaks cover. No, really.

CZECH-BASED 125cc GP team and aspiring bike manufacture FGR has taken the covers off its first planned production bike; a V6-engined, 2500cc, 240bhp naked machine.

Six years in the making, the project has been funded largely by grants from the Czech ministry of industry, with work starting in 2004 on the development of the new engine.

Given its size, the bike's 270kg total weight is relatively light, thanks largely to a self-supporting carbon-fibre seat unit and a fuel tank of the same material, while the chassis is a straightforward trellis-stye design.

As usual with these ambitions projects, the scope of production isn't quite in the Honda league. FGR plans to spend all this year testing and developing the bike before selling six – yes, six – of the bikes during 2012.