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For everyone who's clamouring for an amphibious trike...

...Here's one

British firm Gibbs Technologies has managed to carve an odd niche for itself, offering high-end amphibian cars – presumably for people who have already got everything else.

And now the firm, which also makes an amphibious quad bike, looks set to make a trike, having patented a set of designs for the new machine. Think of it as the Can-Am Spyder that James Bond would ride...

Just like it's cars, the trike's front wheels tilt out of the way once it's in water mode, converting it into a jet-ski. The engine powers the single rear wheel when it's on the road, or a pair of water-jet units to use at sea.

Technologically, it's quite a feat, and despite the strange combination of purposes Gibbs' other machines have sold well enough to keep the firm going for quite some time now – so presumably there's a market for it.

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