Energica launches new Experia electric touring bike, new dealer network

Energica will be revamping its presence in the UK market with a new network of dealers and distributors, and a new bike, the Energica Experia.

Energica Experia on mountain road. - Energica

THE Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer, Energica, has announced it has established a new network of dealers in mainland Britain, and has launched a new tourer.

Energica UK says that the newly-established dealer network will consist of 10 dealers, which will all have at least one Energica demonstrator by the end of June, “with most dealers already offering demos.”

There are two things that come from Energica in combination with their new dealer network. Firstly, there will be an “Energica Experience” demo campaign that will take place throughout 2022. The dates and locations for the “Energica Experience” can be found at the bottom of this article. 

The second piece which comes with the new dealer network from Energica is its new bike, and, realistically, this is the most interesting and important part. 

The Energica Experia is the latest offering from Energica, and it comes with long rides in mind. A tourer requires range, of course, which is why the Experia’s battery and motor technology is important. For the Experia, the maximum battery capacity is 22.5kWh, and the efficiency of the motor is rated at 96%. That means a range of 261 miles in the city, 160 miles of combined riding (in and out of the city) and 130 miles in extra-urban riding.

In terms of performance, the Experia will produce 115Nm, and 80 horsepower for a top speed which is limited to 112mph.

The Experia will feature a TFT dash, a six-level traction control system, a cruise control system that uses the bike’s electronic brake to maintain speed and increase braking energy, and a variety of riding modes. These modes include up to seven riding profiles, with four from the Energica factory, and three custom spaces available; four riding modes (Eco, Urban, Rain and Sport); and four regen modes: High, Medium, Low, and Off.

For the Experia, Energica have brought a brand new frame, although the steel trellis concept remains. Additionally, the swingarm is cast aluminium, and both front and rear suspension comes from ZF Sachs. Braking is done courtesy of Brembo, while the tyres come from Pirelli. 

The Energica Experia is only available in one colour: Borneo Ice, will cost £27,790, and is currently available for pre-order.


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