Energica Ego and Eva promises up to 249-mile range with battery update

The 2020 Energica Ego and Energica Eva is launched with a 60 per cent larger battery raising range up to 249 miles, according to the manufacturer

Energica Ego

The latest generation Energica Ego and Energica Eva ranges have undergone a major overhaul under the skin for 2020, with an all-new, larger battery promising a range of up to 250 miles.

Considered one of the pioneers of the electric motorcycle movement, while major manufacturers are still toying with the idea of introducing a zero-tailpipe emissions model to its fuel-powered ranges, Energica arrives at the 2019 EICMA show with its second generation Ego and Eva models, plus the new Energica Eva Ribelle.

With this area of technology advancing quickly, Energica has developed a new battery that ups the kW from 13.4kW to 21.5kW, an increase of 60 per cent. This translates to range growing from between 90-120 miles to 250 miles in the city, while mixed riding is predicted at 143 miles. Despite the increase in battery, weight has lowered by 5 per cent.

The vast step forward, according to Energica, has been made partly possible by the firm’s involvement in the MotoE World Cup, where it is the control supplier for the MotoGP-supporting electric racing series.

“Energica is the only company in the world to have an exclusive testing ground to try new technical solutions – with some of the best riders in the world,” said CEO Livia Cevolini. “This support proved to be unlike anything else for our R&D, both for the racing and the production sides.

“Because of this, here at EICMA we can now unveil the very first innovations achieved in this last year of racing that has transferred onto our road models – providing a clear and tangible advantage for Energica in the EV market as well as for all of our riders.”

Energica Eva Ribelle launched at EICMA 2019

As well as the updated Ego and Eva EsseEsse9 ranges, Energica also used EICMA to reveal a new version of the Eva naked, the Energica Eva Ribelle (Rebellious in Italian).

Featuring a more aggressive take on the Eva with its exposed frame and unique colour options, it has the likes of KTM and Yamaha firmly in its sights.

Generating 107kW – equivalent of 145HP – from the oil cooled motors and 215Nm of torque, the Eva and Ego support Level 3 fast charging to ensure 80 per cent charge in 42mins, full charge in just over an hour. Level 2 charging generatres 41.5 miles of range per hour.

The Energica Ego, Eva and Eva Ribelle are available with a 13.4kW battery or the new 21.5kW battery