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Electric $82,000 Lito SORA Generation 2 unveiled

The machine features a number of innovative features including a touch-screen LCD dash and electrically adjustable seat.

THE LATEST electric bike to land at the Visordown inbox – it’s becoming almost daily now! – is the imaginatively (or not) named Lito SORA Generation 2 and replaces the firms first bike the Lito SORA' Gen’ 1.

Built in Orange County CA, the latest SORA boasts improved battery performance that helps it achieve 50% more range than the outgoing model. The bike is powered by 3-phase permanent magnet AC motor that is liquid-cooled. The battery is an 18kWh unit and features a thermal management system (that’s cooling to you an me!) that helps the machine achieve a (claimed) 180 miles range.

What does the Lito SORA Gen 2 improve over Gen 1?

As with all electric motorcycles, the killer-combo for speed is the weight of the bike coupled with immense torque and power figures. And on that front, the Lito SORA seems to be slightly lacking when compared to the competition. The bike produces 80kW (107hp) of power and 66-ftlb of torque.

Compare that the Energica Eva that we have on long-term test at the moment, 145hp and 147ft-lb of torque, and the SORA’s bark seems to be louder than its bike. The bike’s top speed is pegged at 120mph (another win for the competition!) and the company are claiming a 0-60 time of 3.0sec which is about standard across most road-legal electric bikes.

How much will the Lito SORA Gen 2 cost?

With the specs of the bike leaving it trailing behind the rest of the electrically powered pack on this one, it seems that SORA are pinning their hopes on a potential punter falling for spec-sheet which do make for interesting reading. First off, we have lashing of carbon fibre, and who doesn’t love that stuff?! Next up are some rather slinky looking Rotobox carbon wheels, Öhlins forks and rear shock and funky Beringer dual disc front and rear brakes – jazzy.

And the price for all this carbon and semi-high-spec kit? $82,000 or a cool £67,000 – and people say the. Makes a more ordinary electric motorcycle seem good value, doesn’t it?

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