eCub electric conversion kit for C70 from Shanghai

Sweet 'leccy setup converts old Honda Cubs into pure electric wheels

Shanghai Customs Honda eCub

OKAY OKAY we know some of you switch off at the mere mention of electric bikes. We're the same sometimes. But just look at this wee beastie, dubbed the eCub. Wouldn't you love one of these for popping to the shops or as an über-cool paddock scooter?

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It's all the way from China, and is the work of Shanghai Customs, from (yes) Shanghai. The kit takes an old C70 Cub (C50 and C90s might also be suitable but there's some issue with the battery box apparently), and bolts on a new swingarm, hub motor, and battery pack. Obviously, because beards, SC has dumped the uncool plastic leg guards off theirCub here, and fitted knobbly tyres. But you could no doubt do what you want with the chassis. We'd have a topbox (of course) with more batteries in there for starters. And a 320mm disc brake.

It's an interesting view of the future of course - and re-using old petrol scoots is clearly much more economical, and eco-friendly than churning out billions of new, semi-disposable e-bikes and moped-level electric scooters. There's a fair level of faffing required though, and it seems destined to be a solution for interested geeks only, certainly at first. If small firms can set up to do the recycling though - buying up old scooters, fitting kits like these, and selling them as turnkey builds for punters, it could be the start of something big...



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