Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 pricing announced, and it’s a bargain

The new Shotgun 650 has landed and the UK pricing places it in a very competitive place in the A2 and cruiser market


It might be around a month since we were out in LA to review the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650, it’s only now that we can talk about how it rides, and how much it costs.

To check out how the bike handled in Los Angeles and up in the mountains, head to the review pages of Visordown, on this page, we’re going to focus on what it costs, and where that places that in the UK market.

Shotgun 650 pricing and colour options

The bike you can see being ridden on this page is the top-spec Shotgun in the range for 2024. The colour scheme is called Stencil White, and it’ll set you back £6,899. Next in the range, we have the mid-spec Plasma Blue bike and the Gree Drill one - they come in at £6,799. The base model is the Sheetmetal Grey bike, which costs £6,699.

Price versus the rivals

In the UK market, there aren’t many competitors to the Shotgun, but we’ve trawled the websites and found a few models that could fit the bill. 


UK price (starting at)

Kawasaki Vulcan


Royal Enfield Super Meteor


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650


Honda CMX 500 Rebel


Royal Enfield Interceptor


Benelli 502 Cruiser


Kawasaki Eliminator 


In a nutshell, the Enfield is decent value for the spec. If you want to look at cheaper options you’re either going to have to head to Italy (via China) with the Benelli, or opt for the Honda CMX 500 Rebel which is a slightly different sort of cruiser - thanks to more neo-retro styling and water cooling. As you can see from the table, some of the biggest competitors to the new bike could actually come from the other 650cc models already in Enfield’s range.

The Shotgun though does something that neither of those Royal Enfields do, and that’s mate a modern, edgy, and youthful style with a handling dynamic is about as entertaining as you can get from the cruiser segment.

Royal Enfield Global Pricing

Along with the UK price of the new Shotgun, Royal Enfield has also announced the pricing for the bike in the global market - here’s how it’s looking so far. While this doesn't include the pricing for some regions and territories, it is assumed the new bike will eventually land in all regions that already have the Super Meteor 650 in the Royal Enfield lineup.




₹ 3,73,000


€ 7,587


€ 7,790


€ 7,500


€ 7,587

USA & Canada - 


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 review

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 review - new A2 cruiser tested in Los Angeles