Ducati V4 Panigale revealed

This time the bike, not just the engine

Ducati V4 Panigale revealed

ONLY this morning, Ducati unveiled the engine that will power its first four-cylinder production bike, the Panigale V4, due to officially debut on November 5. 

Thanks to the dark wonders of the internet, though, you don't wait until then to see it, because this, the best leaked image of it so far, has just emerged. 

It's not the first look we've had at the complete 1103cc machine, which makes a claimed 210hp and 88.5lbft. Earlier this week a mobile phone picture of it emerged, apparently at a circuit where it had been undergoing tests. 

But this picture is better quality and leaves no doubt as to what we're looking at, thanks to 'Panigale V4' clear on the side of the fairing. 

It shows that the new model doesn't stray far from the look of the existing V-twin Panigale, with similarly-shaped headlines, fairing and tail unit. 

But the differences are also more discernible. The headlight recesses have grown, likely incorporating airducts. 

There also several subtle differences to the bodywork, including the fairing, tail unit and front mudguard.

The Ducati Panigale V4 is due to be officially unveiled in Milan at 9pm on November 5 and go on sale next year.

Ducati says the engine is derived from that of the Desmosedici GP machine raced in MotoGP. 

The firm says it's suited to the track but also designed for the needs of the road, with good low-down and mid-range torque, achieved with the help of its slightly larger displacement than its MotoGP ‘counterpart’.

A higher-revving R version of less than 1000cc, intended more for track use, is in the 'advanced development stage' according to Ducati. 

Read more about it, including the full specs, in our separate story on the engine here.