Ducati unveils 2023 Panigale V4 updates with more power and refined electronics

Ducati has revealed its 2023 model year updates for the Panigale V4, with still more horsepower squeezed from the V4 engine.

Francesco Bagnaia on Ducati Panigale V4 at Misano. - Ducati Media

Ducati has revealed the updates for the 2023 model year Panigale V4 and V4 S, with slight changes to the styling, aerodynamics, electronics and more. 

The Panigale V4 is, despite its relative lack of success when compared to some of Ducati’s previous flagship sports bikes, one of the most recognisable and iconic motorcycles of the Bologna brand’s current roster. 

Since its launch in 2019, it has become renowned for its MotoGP-derived engine and electronics, while keeping the same chassis design that set the previous twin-cylinder Panigales apart from the competition.

For 2023, Ducati has released a number of updates for both the V4 and V4 S. 

Starting with the V4 engine, which has had its output increased to 215.5 horsepower for the European version, while the gearing has been adjusted with a longer first, second and sixth gear. There is also a new torque management strategy, which should refine the feel of the bike on that first touch of the throttle.

The aerodynamics have also been updated for 2023. Although it is nothing major, like a carry-over of the wings from the Superleggera, for example, the existing wings have a slightly different profile for the latest version. They are smaller and thinner, but the dual profile means they offer the same benefit as the previous version, with 37kg of downforce at 300kph.

The extraction vents at the bottom of the fairing have also been modified for 2023, to offer greater cooling efficiency.

On the chassis side of the things, we find the swingarm pivot is placed 4mm higher than before, and at the front Ohlins provides its new NPX 25/30 fork. This fork is electronically pressurised, and has 125mm of travel.

Elsewhere, the fuel tank has been redesigned for reduce the physical input required by the rider and the new Engine Brake Control EVO 2 software “improves stability, precision and directionality in braking and corner entry,” according to Ducati. Furthermore, Ducati’s new Ducati Quick Shifter (DQS) is supposed to offer smoother shifting.

And, when shifting, it will be visible on the new WSBK-style dashboard display, featuring redesigned graphics to improve the ability of the rider to fine-tune the controls. 

All of the aforementioned updates for the 2023 model year Panigale V4 are also able to be applied to the 2022 model at your local Ducati dealer.

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