Ducati Multistrada V4 teased ahead of launch as new campaign begins

Ducati is launching an online teaser campaign that seems to be revealing theorems relating to the Multistrada V4

MTS V4 teaser

THE heavily updated Ducati Multistrada V4 could be edging closer to a full reveal, as the Italian brand has launched a social media campaign that seems to fit the bill.

The campaign is a fairly scholarly affair, with Ducati four theorems. Each theorem will be getting revealed on a different date, with the 1st being revealed today, the second on the 1st October, the third on the 8th October, and the fourth and final being announced on the 13th of October.

Ducati Multistrada video review

Ducati Multistrada 1260 S review | Visordown.com

Accompanying the first theorem is an image of four pistons, each with some rather unsightly valve relief on top of them. Each piston is arranged in a similar layout to how they would sit within the V4 powerplant.

in addition to the image is a statement that reads: β€˜4 is lighter than 2’. Going on to read: β€˜The adaptation of V4 to a smaller bore achieves the objective of a weight reduction of 1.2 kg compared to the previous V2 generation.’

While there is no concrete confirmation that the soon-to-be-revealed motorcycle is the Multistrada, the images on the homepage on the Ducati website gives us some pretty big clues. Multistrada translated into English literally means many roads, a term that Ducati has fulfilled with the launch of the Multistrada Enduro in 2016. The images on the page accompanying the theorems shows some images of pistons and also two types of road surface, one cracked like a dry lake-bed, and one tarmacked. The only machine in the current Ducati range that could accept a V4 engine that hasn't already - and that enjoys multiple road surfaces is the oncoming Multistrada V4.