Ducati launch 1199R Panigale

A Panigale dipped in Tabasco sauce

DUCATI have released the 1199R Panigale, a red-hot version of the already fiesty 1199 S.

Expect more power from the already brutal engine, as the R version features a host of engine upgrades including titanium conrods, diamond-like coating on the rocker arms and an even lighter flywheel which all help save almost 1.3kg in weight, meaning those massive pistons can spin-up more freely. Add those new parts to a new engine map and Ducati claim the bike produces 3% more power and a staggering 15% more midrange.

The R also comes with a 4-position adjustable swingarm and a full Termignoni exhaust system.

Expect it to cost £30,000. And probably, ultimately, half of everything you own.