Is a downsized Suzuki Katana 125R in the works?

A new, smaller displacement 125cc version of the Suzuki Katana could be on the way - but will it be sold in the UK and Europe?

Suzuki Katana 2019
Suzuki Katana 2019

It was one of the biggest launches of its modern era and now it seems the revival of the Suzuki Katana nameplate could well see it expanded into a broader range to include a 125 version.

One of Suzuki’s more iconic models, the return of the Katana at the 2018 EICMA show was met with a positive reception but with its 999cc engine it does sit rather alone in the range next to equivalent GSX-S and GSX-R models.

This could be about to change, however, according to reputable Japanese source Young Machine, which is claiming Suzuki is busy developing the nameplate into a multi-displacement range that retains all the neo-retro design into a more compact platform.

In the same way the Katana is based on the Suzuki GSX-S1000, the Suzuki Katana 125R would be based on the Suzuki GSX-S125, which would see it priced around £4,000 (if it arrives here).

2019 Suzuki Katana
2019 Suzuki Katana

Will the Suzuki Katana 125R be sold in Europe?

According to Young Machine and, indications suggest this is a model that is destined for the Japanese market only where the Katana is selling well.

However, given the Suzuki GSX-S125 is available in Europe, one can certainly see that a Suzuki Katana 125R would potentially be relatively easy to slot in and market over here.

It may well take a bit of campaigning for your local dealership to let them know if you want one, though Suzuki isn’t known for rushing these decisions so it could be a while before we see one hit the streets regardless of whether it’s coming here or not.

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