Does this Kawasaki Adaptive concept hint at an upcoming dual-sport model?

The Kawasaki Adaptive design study isn't being earmarked for production says Kawasaki... but it could hint at a future design direction for the firm

Kawasaki Adaptive

Kawasaki appears to have offered up a clue towards a potential new dual-purpose motorcycle that may also hint at a fresh design direction for the Akashi firm.

The Japanese marque commissioned the Institute of Applied Art and Design (IAAD) to develop a new motorcycle around fresh technological innovations that could be incorporated into models of the future.

The result is the Kawasaki Adaptive, a dual-purpose motorcycle created to be the very definition of multiple uses in that it adjusts to its surroundings to enhance its use on road as a sporty tourer, as well as being rougher and tougher off-road.

However, it is the striking design that arguably stands out more here and raises speculation as to whether the Adaptive is a hint at what direction the firm takes with its styling going forward.

Officially speaking, the Adaptive isn’t being earmarked for production strictly  - according to Kawasaki itself - but the design is certainly a cohesive and faithful reimagining of the firm’s signature looks with the sunken headlights and sharp, sporty silhouette.

A design that would suit the next generation Versys - a model that will be coming up for replacement soon having barely changed since 2015 - the Adaptive’s innovative ideas could also form the basis of future models.

“[The Adaptive has] innovative design, attention to details, first-rate technology for a concept that does not go unnoticed, rather that evolves and adapts to the roads in front of it,” said Sales Director Sergio Vicarelli.

“Working with new and fresh ideas is always a pleasure and the guys (IAAD) have done their job in an excellent way, so many stimuli that will be a suggestion for Kawasaki’s team of designers in the motorcycle department.”

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