'Dark' 1100 PRO brings stealthy look to Ducati Scrambler range

Ducati Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO brings the stealthier appearance of the 'Dark' model line to the PRO range for 2021 


Ducati has revived its ‘Dark’ model variant name for this new version of its Scrambler 1100, offering up an £800 saving. 

Named the Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO, to give it its full name, like previous Ducati Dark models it’s intended as a more basic, affordable, entry-level version of an existing model, in this case the new-for-2020 Scrambler 1100 PRO which subtly tweaks the design to give it a customisable feel in ready-to-buy format/

That bike was launched earlier this year alongside the 1100 Sport PRO as the uprated, mildly restyled replacement for Ducati bigger 1100 Scramblers.

Priced £11,295, the PRO features upright roadster handlebars and Marzocchi fully adjustable 45mm forks, plus the Euro5 84bhp, 1079cc V-twin and restyled rear end.

The Sport PRO, meanwhile, got higher quality Ohlins front and rear suspension and costs a fairly hefty £12,795.  The new Ducati Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO, however, gives a significantly more affordable version by being priced at just £10,495.

For that you get a bike which is virtually identical to the 1100 PRO but has cheaper, more conventional mirrors, a plain, satin black paint-job (a traditional signature of Ducati’s Dark models) and “more natural anodized aluminium parts” – although, going by the pictures, we couldn’t tell much difference.

By our reckoning, that adds up to a sizeable saving, for not much of a material loss – certainly not in the way it rides. Besides, the ‘black and ally’ combo seems to suit the retro Scrambler well. It’s in dealers from the end of October.