Damon Motorcycles adds award-winning Yamaha, Aprilia designer to growing team

The creative vision behind the Yamaha MT-03 and Aprilia Dorsoduro is the latest addition to Damon Motorcycles' burgeoning team ahead of Hypersport launch


It’s not easy to launch a brand-new (serious) automotive brand but - borrowing an obvious example - Tesla shows what can be done with some zeitgeist vision and deep pockets.

It is a business model Damon Motorcycles has no doubt been studying as it ramps up development of its intriguing inaugural offering, the electric Hyprsport sportsbike. 

For the most part it occupies a niche portion of the market, one that - save for Energica - is far from an established one and there are features of the Hypersport that certainly make it quite unique in standing out among prospective conventionally powered rivals. 


But that doesn’t mean it isn’t canvassing the mainstream motorcycle industry to develop its future, as demonstrated by its latest acquisition, former Yamaha and Aprilia man Michael Uhlarik, who joins as Head of Design. 

An award-winning designer responsible for models that include the Yamaha MT-03, Yamaha TZR 50, Aprilia Dorsoduro and SportCity scooter. Uhlarik brings a wealth of experience to a brand that, despite its noviceness, has already captured a host of headlines for its maiden effort.

He comes to the Canadian company at a good time. It has just secured a $30million investment and has generated $20million in pre-sales after selling out its Hypersport in four days, despite it not formally existing beyond distributed press shots for the time being. It has also placed Doug Penman as Chief Marketing Officer and VP, bringing with him credits from Microsoft, Toyota and Coca-Cola.

How fast is the Damon Hypersport and how much will it cost?

Whereas there have been some choice words to say about some electric sportsbikes in recent years as designers grapple with ensuring they remain dynamic, lithe and striking while trying to disguise the hefty battery pack, if the Hypersport goes into production looking identical to those press shots then we have to say it has made a good first fist of it.

For those who haven’t come across Damon Motorcycles as yet, here is a summary of what it is purporting to offer with the Hypersport.

  • In top-spec Pro trim, the Hypersport boasts a 20kW battery that Damon says produces the equivalent of 200hp and goes on to a 200mph top speed

  • 360-degree ‘co-pilot’ radar view - Damon originally developed this tech for use by other manufacturers but decided to develop its own model around the innovation

  • Adjustable pegs, windscreen and seat for a low-profile sportsbike riding position at speed and a more comfortable upright position at lower speeds

  • Will be offered with smaller batteries (11kW and 15kW) to lower costs - as such, the entry-level SE spec comes in at $16,995 (£12,995 approx), making it significantly cheaper than a Harley-Davidson LiveWire ($29,799 - £28,995) and Energic Ego (£23,000)

Whether the final model lives up to what is some bold claims remains to be seen, while its modest production capabilities means it might be a while before we see one on UK roads. However, if it does plough ahead ‘as is’ then it really could have the ‘Tesla-effect’ the motorcycle industry has been looking for.