Damon Hypersport zones in on Zero with adjustable electric sportsbike

The Damon Hypersport Pro majors on radar technology and its electric powertrain in a Ducati Panigale-inspired sportsbike package

Damon Hypersport Pro

It’s spent years developing technology for manufacturers to install but now Canadian start up Damon Motorcycles has gone one (or several) step(s) by creating its own model – the Damon Hypersport Pro – to better showcase its wares.

The company has majored in developing digitally-assisted safety technology – such as a 360-degree radar detection system – to help motorcyclists better judge potential issues when riding on the road. It’s an innovation that is still being refined by major manufacturers, including Kawasaki, KTM and Ducati, and it expected to go on sale as an option on mainstream bikes sometime next year.

However, Damon is bidding to bring it to market potentially sooner having built its first motorcycle – an electric sportsbike – around the technology as a means of emphasising its effectiveness, rather than attempting to weave into an existing package.

A teaser video for the Hypersport reveals a large screen on the dashboard to help riders better judge what’s happening behind them as they travel.

The official launch of the Damon Hypersport is set for next year, where more specific details about its electric powertrain – such as torque, range and performance figures – will be made available.

For now though we can see the Hypersport is a dynamic looking machine with some smart detailing that belies its status as the company’s maiden model.

Bearing a few nods to the Ducati Panigale range with its headlight arrangement and creased fairing, unusually the Hypersport will be sold as a fully adjustable motorbike to extend its versatility in and out of towns with moveable pegs, windscreen and seat to ensure you have the best ergonomics for your environment.

In Damon's sights are Zero with its range of electric motorcycles and also Harley-Davidson's LiveWire which is beginning to gather traction in its first months on sale in the United States. The Damon Hypersport Pro will be revealed on January 7-10 at CES.