Curtiss Zeus V8 electric motorcycle production begins

Thanks to an exciting new partnership deal, the production of the 217hp Curtiss Zeus V8 electric motorcycle has now begun.

Curtiss Zeus Electric Motorcycle

Curtiss Motorcycles and Fast Radius have joined forces to begin production of the Zeus V8 electric motorcycle using a “hybrid manufacturing processes”. 

From the time of writing, Fast Radius has already produced 60+ parts and components for the bike at more than 95% yield - according to Zeus. 

As explained by Brian Simms, VP of sales at Fast Radius:

Our partnership with Curtiss is ideal because it allows them to do what they do best — designing stunning motorcycles — while we do what we do best — matching the project with the right technology and getting quality parts made quickly. We’re looking forward to innovating with Curtiss as they grow their brand.

The new partnership claims that the first 100 Electric V8 motorcycles are already in production and will be on sale to the public in 2020 - for $75,000.

About the Curtiss Zeus 8

With 8 large capacity batteries totaling an output of 16.7kWh hooked up to a Yasa P400 series motor, the Zeus 8 is capable of producing 217hp (160kW)! Whacky power figures to match its unique design. 

The Z8 also has aluminum girder front suspension, a hand-welded titanium/chromoly tubular chassis, with CNC machined 6061 aluminum fusion and lightweight carbon fiber wheels.

Other designs

However, the Zeus 8 isn’t the only interesting looking electric motorcycle rolling out of the Curtiss design center.

Last month, two designs were unveiled of the muscular-looking Psyche (above) and the frankly bizarre-looking Hades (below). Both of which are a fraction of the cost of the flagship Zeus 8, with the Psyche being priced at $30,000 - which is similar to the Harley Davidson LiveWire

What do you think of the Curtiss range of motorcycles? Ridable or ridiculous? Let us know below.