CSC Motorcycles markets new RX1E electric motorcycle

A new electric motorcycle has arrived from China. It is being imported to California by CSC Motorcycles, but a European arrival is unconfirmed.

CSC Motorcycles RX1E

Following on from their other successful electric vehicles CSC have decided to sell a new electric motorcycle called the RX1E.

The RX1E comes with a liquid cooled motor which can reach a peak horsepower of 24hp (18kW). The battery in the RX1E is a lithium-ion 96-volt, 64Ah, the battery has a capacity of 6.16kWh and when fully charged the battery allows for a range of 112 miles. The motor also allows for a maximum torque of 83Nm and a top speed of 75mph. It takes 6 hours to completely recharge the battery.

CSC’s newest electric motorcycle also comes with a three different riding modes. The modes are: eco, comfort and sport. To allow for the rider to adapt the bike to whatever scenario they are in.

The RX1E also comes fitted with Bosch Dual ABS Brake Systems. On the front brake there is a two piston caliper with a 265mm disc and on the rear brake there is a single piston caliper with a 240mm disc. Suspension wise on the front the RX1E comes with 37mm inverted telescopic fork with 4.7 inches of travel, which is adjustable for rebound damping on the front suspension. On the rear the suspension is monoshock with 4.3 inches of travel, with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping.

When it comes to storage the RX1E does not disappoint it comes with resin saddlebags and a 72 litre top box, as well as this there is also a large front storage tank to allow the rider to store plenty of items.

The RX1E comes in three different colour options, these options are: Honolulu blue metallic, silver moon metallic and crimson red metallic.
CSC are not actually the manufacturer of the motorbike itself. However, they are the dealer who specialise in importing and then distributing electric bikes in California. The RX1E is actually made in China and then distributed to America.

At the moment you are only able to put down a deposit for a new RX1E, the deposit amount is $500, which is the equivalent of £406. To buy a RX1E at retail value it would cost $8,495, which is the equivalent of £6898.02. However, the RX1E should be available for purchase in Spring of this year.

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