Confederate's new 200bhp Combat Fighter

It's 'a metaphysical force you neither own nor ride'... apparently

IF you're looking for a no-frills commuter to get you through the worst of the British winter then look away now... if you're looking for the sort of motorbike Batman might ride and have £72,500 burning a hole in your back pocket then let me introduce the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter.

Subtle, she ain't! The G2 P51 Combat Fighter sits somewhere on the scale between a motorcycle and a piece of installation art. 

It packs a 2,163cc V-twin engine at its heart and Confederate promises more than 200bhp and one ft/lb of torque at idle for every 1.4kg of bike.

Top marks to Confederate's marketing department for claiming the Combat Fighter is: 'a metaphysical force you neither own nor ride'. Isn't that the antithesis of bike ownership?

Confederate is building just 61 bikes in total, with the base model starting at £72,500 and a special black edition costing £76,000. If you're interested, Confederate is taking early orders now with a deposit of £19,000.

What's more, if you order before 7 September then Confederate is promising a $10,000 discount (£6,365) - which is almost enough to buy a new Yamaha MT-09 that you can actually ride.

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