Confederate's £45k X132 Hellcat

World's fastest big block v-twin hits (some, very selected) stores

AMERICAN manufacturer Confederate has announced that its record-breaking X132 Hellcat Combat will be avaliable to the public in a limited run. 

In August of this year, the X132 broke the land speed record for big block v-twin engines (actually the rather specific record for 'unfaired, naturally aspirated, pushrod V-twins over 2000cc'), hitting 172.2mph over the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah (watch here.)

The X132 can boast a pretty impressive 2,163cc and Confederate claim it has 160 brake-horsepower, which sounds reasonable when you consider it propelled all 490lb (222kg) of bike to a land speed record. 

Now a limited run of 36 will be avaliable to the public. How much you cry? A mere £45,000...

Alabama-based Confederate has been building specialised bikes since 1991 and this machine represents the latest realisation of their vision. Marketing director Clay Morrison describes Confederate bikes as 'multi generational heirloom products' - like a really big, brash alternative to a Patek Philippe. 

Visually it does look incredibly cool - like an aggressive, snarling affront to the senses in the best possible way. How well it goes round corners is anyone's guess, of course...