A closer look at three very special Yamaha XSR155 custom motorcycles

At the launch of the Yamaha XSR155 in Thailand, the firm also unveiled three custom variants of the motorcycle; The Cafe Racer, Scambler and Tracker.

Yamaha XSR155 custom

The Yamaha XSR155 is already a good looking little machine, surely Yamaha can't make it look even cooler? Well, they just might have, as at the launch in Thailand they uncovered three one-off customs; The Cafe Racer, Scrambler, and Flat Tracker.

Let’s take a closer looks at these little gems. 

 XSR155 Cafe Racer

Finished in a matte silver colour scheme and embezzled with enough chrome to make any magpie take a second look. With a circular headlight embedded into the rounded front fairing, lowered clip-ons and bikini lower fairing, the XSR155 Cafe Racer holds true to its vintage heritage.

Other modifications include: 

  • Shortened polished chrome exhaust

  • Chrome Brembo calipers 

  • Petal brake discs

  • Chrome alloy rims

  • Slick tyres 

  • Single diamond-stitched leather seat 

  • LED taillight and indicators

XSR155 Scrambler

Designed to deal with the (slightly) beaten path, the XSR155 Scrambler has a trumpet style high exit exhaust, taller BMX style handlebars, and a raised stubby front fender. Below the fender sits a set of nobbly tyres for extra grip and confidence on the slightly rougher stuff.

Other modifications include:  

  • Stamped aluminium engine bash guard

  • Removed Pillion footpegs

  • Custom rear fender

  • Compact tail light and indicators 

XSR155 Tracker

Probably my favourite of the bunch, the XSR155 Flat Tracker in its timeless Kenny Roberts yellow is completely dirt focused. It does away with a headlight, opting instead for a number board - as most flat trackers would. Under the single-seat, the tracker's numbers are again displayed on special side fairings. The fuel tank now has flat sides and a special compact filler cap. 

The front indicators, front fairing and tail light have all been stripped. And the stock tyres have been replaced with wider flat track-oriented rubber.

Other modifications include: 

  • Twin- port exhaust

  • External radiator reservoir

  • Engine guard

  • Brake and clutch handguards 

Before we get too excited, these bikes are built for display purposes only and will never go into full production. Although, I have a feeling if they did, they would sell like hotcakes. Imagine if they sold these in Europe with a 125cc motor…   

Which bike is your favourite out of the bunch? 

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