This Chinese clone of the BMW S1000RR is almost too blatant!

A Chinese firm has released a small capacity clone of the BMW S1000RR and we cannot understand how they have got away with it!

A Chinese built BMW S1000RR clone

IMITATION is, so they say, the sincerest form of flattery. Although we aren’t sure that Beemer will see things that way when they see this BMW S1000RR clone from China.

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It’s easy to see why the manufacturer, simply called ‘Moto’ have gone for this styling. Making your new small capacity motorcycle look like one of the most successful sports bikes on the market is a sure-fire way of ensuring that all eyes will be on your new product, although we’re pretty sure in this case, some intellectual property was harmed in the making of this product!

So, what is the Moto S450RR (yes, even the name is a play on that of the Bavarian sports bike!), and who is it aimed at? First off, as you can probably guess, it’s not powered by a flame spitting 200+bhp engine. Instead, beneath the M Sport coloured body panels lies a 450cc, parallel twin cylinder engine that produces a slightly less exciting 24bhp at 6,500rpm.

Away from the engine the bike boasts adjustable USD forks and a rear monoshock. Brakes are radially mounted four pot calipers, which we assume are hooked up to some form of ABS system.

While the likeness to the BMW is easy to spot, look a little deeper and the S1000RR clone seems to have taken some influences from other great sports bikes of the time. In particular those small LED headlights mounted beneath the fairing are very reminiscent of those found on the later generation R1s. With the slim, LED eyebrow running lights also reminding us of the Yamaha.

But the little bike does have one thing on its side, it’s price! The bike is being sold in Thailand for 67,000 baht, converting that to pounds sterling returns a price of just over £1,600 in todays money. Although whether anyone in the UK would spend that on this collage of great sports bike is anyones’ guess!