Caofen F80 dual sport electric motorcycle launched in UK

Caofen has launched its dual sport F80 electric motorcycle in the UK, with innovations in battery cooling and frame design, and prices beginning at £5,495.

Caofen F80.

Caofen has announced that its F80 electric motorcycle is now available in the UK. 

The F80 is Caofen’s flagship model. A dual sport motorcycle, it is capable both on- and off-road, and, being an electric, it has the kind of instant torque that can prove useful in loose surface scenarios. 

Part of the F80’s appeal comes from the cooling system of the battery. Caofen says its system reduces temperature rises within the battery by 50% compared to other systems, and this also means charging times are reduced. The Caofen F80’s battery can be completely charged, at which point the road-going version will last for 93 miles, and the off-road edition for 62 miles.

In terms of performance, the Caofen F80 has a peak power output of 8kw (10.7 horsepower), and 310Nm of torque. Such performance means a top speed of 57mph, while the added rigidity of the weldless magnesium alloy frame should be of benefit to handling, as the low weight - 80kg for the off-road version, and 85kg for the road-legal “Adventure” version.

Whether you choose the off-road or road-legal edition of the F80, you get a 19-inch, spoked, front wheel, while the rear wheel is 18 inches in diameter for the Adventure version, and 16 inches for the off-road. Both versions also have disc brakes, LED lights, digital dashboard, and adjustable suspension.

Adam Bowen, brand manager for Caofen UK, said: “We are very excited to introduce the Caofen F80 to the UK market. The bike is a true leader in the field and brings fierce competition to the market. With its patented battery technology, single-piece frame and enhanced motor, it is designed to improve performance and longevity, allowing riders to enjoy their ride, going faster, for longer. 

“We have studied the market closely over the past 24 months and have established that the Caofen F80 is the right electric adventure bike for the UK market.”

Prices for the Caofen F80 have been announced at £5,940 for the F80 Adventure, and £5,495 for the off-road version. Find out more on the Caofen UK website.

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