Buy a Damon Hypersport motorcycle and it’ll power your house too

The Damon Hypersport electric sportsbike has notched up so many pre-sales in North America, it's now being considered for a European launch

Damon Hypersport Pro

We’ve featured myriad of electric motorcycles in recent months – some more convincing than others – but of all the zero tailpipe emission two-wheelers we’ve written about, we have to say the Damon Hypersport is arguably the most intriguing.

What started as a Canadian start-up developing radar tech for other manufacturers has spun out into it creating its own sportsbike – the Hypersport – showcasing that very technology, but doing so in a stylish package that fully adjusts depending on whether you want a more upright touring seating position, or a more squat sporty one.

It has some impressive specs too, boasting 150kW power – the equivalent of 200hp – and a top speed of 200mph. While these figures are yet to be verified, it whets our appetite at the very least.

Lockdown has been kind to Damon Motorcycles too, with pre-sales reported to be surging by 60% as people consider their options going forward, so much so that it looks set to be made available to buyers in Europe now.

Our commitment to reinventing the future of motorcycling has been paramount amidst the devastating COVID-19 crisis,” CEO Jay Giraud told Electrek. “As the global economy slowly begins to rebound, we are excited to open pre-sales for the European markets and offer a safer, smarter and more sustainable motorcycle for the European two-wheel community.”

As Damon work to bring the Hypersport to market, more details of its impressive tech is emerging including a Vehicle-To-Home (V2H) feature, which allows the 21kW battery pack to act as a generator, which can even provide back-up power to your home if necessary, say during a blackout.

According to Electrek, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates the average US home energy consumption is approximately 30kWh per day, meaning the Damon Hypersport could realistically power everything in your home for almost half a day.

It’s not a sole reason to part with an expected $40,000 for the Hypersport, but it’s certainly indicative of its many impressive tricks that make it more than just a clever motorcycle…