BMW's Concept 9Cento hi-tech sporty tourer

Magnetic panniers, radical aero and tweaked F850 GS engine on slick concept machine

BMW 9Cento concept bike

To the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, a fancy-dan car show on Lake Como, where BMW was showing off a trick new concept bike last night. We were obviously living it up at the Bike Shed Show so couldn't be there. And our invite seemed to be lost in das post. Hmmm.

Anyway - this looks like an interesting little conceit, and as ever with BMW will probably point to a real bike sooner or later. In the manner of the RnineT and the like, the firm often puts out concepts that show what will really be coming from them. And the parallel twin range could really do with something to replace the ancient F800S and ST models of yore.

Enter this beastie, the Concept 900, or 9Cento as they've dubbed it (again linking to the R nineT moniker). It's a mad looking thing, but there's nothing outrageous in terms of tech. The wildest thing is the panniers, which attach vie an electromagnet underneath the seat, making it easy to unclip and attach. Because those seconds 'wasted' each time you take the bags off are a game changer of course. The panniers also incorporate a larger space for the pillion seat too, which is clever. So with the panniers on, you have a comfy perch for your significant other, but when  the luggage unit is off, you get a slick, lightweight, sporty rear. Woo.

There's a parallel twin engine of course, based on the F850 GS lump, presumably with a retune for more peak power and torque, LED lights, full fairing, and a bizarro F1 type sharkfin spoiler thingy in front of the rear tyre, the purpose of which escapes us

So - fasten your seatbelts for a new sporty tourer based on the latest F850 parallel twin motor from Bee-Emm soon. The big shows are at Cologne and Milan this year, and das Chermans like to put on a good home performance, so expect this, plus a very fancy new S1000RR in October. A veritable Oktoberfest of sweet Beemers - we cannae wait.