The BMW Vision DC Roadster is so crazy they might just make it work…

Eagle-eyed spotters notice BMW has filed a trademark for the name 'DC' indicating rhe Vision DC Roadster electric motorcycle could be heading for production

The BMW Vision DC Roadster is so crazy they might just make it work…

One of the more surprising launches to emerge last year - partly because it dropped into our inbox on an otherwise unassuming day with no prior fanfare - the BMW Vision DC Roadster certainly raised some eyebrows and got tongues wagging.

Indeed, if you were to task any manufacturer with going away for a few weeks and returning with an answer to make electric motorcycling stylish, sporty and innovative, then BMW would surely be it and the Vision DC Roadster was what it emerged with.

A combination of features that will hopefully making it to production one day and other more ambitious ideas that we will assume will stay on the drawing board, nonetheless it seems BMW is moving towards turning the Vision DC Roadster into reality.

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Electrek reports it has spotted ‘DC’ on documents patented the name as a trademark in Germany, together with CE02 and CE04, which are expected to be updated versions of the BMW C Evolution electric scooter.

However, it is the Vision DC Roadster that fires up the imagination, not least because as a concept it is resplendent in interesting design cues from  its poised sloping stance, to the girder-style suspension forks, to the almost retro seating position.

Whether the engine/battery under the skin serves a purpose by actually living up to the fast imagery, BMW have at least made sure it looks the part with a slimline design that accentuates the Vision DC Roadster’s unusual frame.

For now, however, all we have to go on is literally two letters so we do hope this isn’t the beginning of a much watered down final version. 

Either way, it shows BMW are thinking increasingly about electric motorcycling, but we suspect we will still have a couple of years at least before we see a model we can ride and take home.