BMW CE 04 electric scooter unveiled as its weapon for the ‘silent revolution’

The BMW CE 04 electric scooter gets its world premiere offering a 31kW (42hp) battery motor, premium features and some striking designn details


BMW has revealed its brand-new electric-powered scooter - the BMW CE 04 - as the first model to launch what it refers to as a ‘silent revolution’ that will inspire a future range of zero exhaust emissions models from the German marque.

Though this isn’t BMW’s first electric model - with the CE 04 essentially replacing the C Evolution - whereas the outgoing model was an electrified version of the firm’s existing C400 maxi range, the CE 04 is an all-new two-wheeler designed to influence future models.

The CE 04 stays true to two concepts BMW has presented over the last four years - the original Concept Link of 2017 and the Definition CE 04 shown in 2020 - with a contemporary update to the existing handsome chunky design of its C400 range.

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Indeed, while the striking headlight arrangement and moulded fairing of the front-end is familiar - if futuristic looking - it is at the rear the CE 04 cuts its own dash, with the requirement to house the battery pack under the floor giving it a ‘bullet-like’ silhouette, even if admittedly we can’t help but see a Dyson vacuum cleaner if we look at it for too long.

The unusual profile though is such because BMW has tried to cram as much technology into some tight packaging.

Under the bulky bodywork sits a 31kW battery-powered motor, the equivalent of 42hp, which zips from a standstill to 50km/h (31mph) in 2.6secs, though it will be available in a lower displacement 23kW (31hp) for A1 licence holders too.

Borrowing technology from the firm’s massive new iX SUV with its lithium-ion battery, the CE 04 has a range of 130km and has been designed to ensure riders don’t suffer the ‘fear’ of running out outside of an urban setting. A quick charger option allows 80% of the battery to be charged in 1hr 40mins, but a full standard charge time takes up to 4 hours and 20mins.

Under the skin, the CE 04 features three riding modes - ECO, Rain and Road - depending on your surroundings. The ECO mode is designed to rein in the immediate power on tap to extend range.

With its one-piece tubular steel main frame and single-sided swingarm, the CE 04 is intended to be more stable and manoeuvrable in an urban environment.

As a new range-topper for BMW’s urban mobility range, the CE 04 majors on kit with a 10.25 TFT colour screen featuring integrated map navigation, the size of which means it needs no other instrument clusters. USB-C charging points and storage compartments at the side and front are also included.

The CE 04 is already being listed for sale on the BMW Motorrad UK website though prices and availability are yet to be communicated.

How significant is the new BMW CE 04?

The CE 04 is a significant new model for BMW, even if it doesn’t tread new paths having taken over from the C400.

However, the fact this is a dedicated model that will ultimately influence any future conventionally powered C400 scooters shows it is in green mobility that BMW foresees this particular range heading.

While an electric scooter isn’t a new concept - either for BMW or anyone - it is the largest and most powerful zero exhaust emissions of its maxi kind on sale now, with similar models from the likes of Yamaha and Kymco likely to follow soon.

The fact BMW is proud to share the link between this and its more established electric four-wheel ‘i’ range - which has borne the i3, i8 and now the iX - demonstrates it will likely turn its attention to electric motorcycling in the near future.

It presented the Vision DC concept roadster in 2019 and while that is unlikely to go into production looking quite as zany, it suggests BMW has a mid-range modern roadster - something it lacks in the current range - as the most likely first effort when it does come.