BMW and Husqvarna concepts coming

Set to be revealed at Frankfurt motor show

BMW and its Husqvarna subsidiary are to reveal new concept bikes – but with no suitable motorcycle shows in the immediate future the firm has opted to launch them at the Frankfurt car show.

Frankfurt is the big hitter in terms of car shows, chosen by many manufacturers to reveal new machines, and this year BMW is taking a few bikes along, too. Usually one of the major motorcycle shows – Paris, Milan or Cologne – falls in September, but this year there's nothing until November.

As well as showing the Husqvarna Nuda in public for the first time at Frankfurt on September 15, the Husky brand will have an “extraordinary design concept” for “young customers seeking a single-track commuter vehicle outside of the scooter segment.”

Er... We think that means it's a small bike. The sketch seems to suggest something that's closer to a bicycle than a motorcycle, and unless it's very misleading, the power plant is an electric motor rather than a petrol engine.

BMW is less coy about its own concept bike for the show; it's definitely a scooter, and definitely electric.