BMW’s electric scoot gets 100-mile range

C evolution range gets new generation of batteries as used in BMW's i3 car

BMW’s electric scoot gets 100-mile range

BMW HAS given the C evolution a battery upgrade boosting range to 100 miles and making electric two-wheelers suddenly seem a slightly more feasible prospect.  

The electric scooter is now available in two variants, a 15hp one to meet the A1 licence limit and a ‘Long Range’ one making 26hp.

The 15hp one will do a claimed 62 miles between charges while the Long Range one boosts that figure to 100 miles thanks to an increase in battery capacity from 60Ah to 94Ah.

BMW says the Long Range model has an electronically limited top speed of 80mph while the A1-compliant version will do 74mph.

Interestingly, the slower version makes 48hp peak power but creeps under the 15hp A1 licence limit because of the way power is measured, taking the continuous sustainable output.

The Long Range version also makes a peak of 48hp.

The updated C evolution is set to debut at the Paris Motor Show on September 29, with price to be confirmed.