Is Benelli about to replace the BN302S with a 400cc version?

Benelli are looking set to release a new small-capacity tourer, the BJ400J, which is currently in use by the Chinese police.

Benelli TRK 800

Benelli seems set to launch a new touring bike, with the new mid-capacity machine in its current form taking the name BJ400J. 

The new bike seems aimed at the police, since it is already used by the Chinese force. But it could also make its way into the commercial world, bringing an enlarged version of an engine we have previously seen from Benelli

That engine, a twin-cylinder, is in 300cc form in the Benelli BN302S, according to Motociclismo. But updated emissions regulations in Europe mean the engine itself is outdated in the 300cc form. An enlargement to 400cc would apparently be the solution for Benelli and its owner, Qianjiang. 

Motociclismo suggests that boring out the 300cc engine from a 65mm to 70mm, and increasing the stroke from 45.2mm to 52mm, the updated engine for the BJ400J could both meet emissions regulations and maintain a solid performance, with 44.9 horsepower.

The bike would also feature a trellis frame - a feature which has become somewhat commonplace in Benelli’s recent bikes - and USD forks, with dual front discs and four-piston callipers. Additionally, there would be 17-inch wheels front and back, with 120/70 and 160/60 tyres, respectively.

Since the bike is so similar to the BN302S, in both engine and chassis, it could be reasonable to expect a commercial version of the BJ400J to have a different name to the one used by the Chinese police. “BN402S” would make sense, but of course is unconfirmed for the moment. 

It could also be possible that this new, bored out version of the BN302S’ engine could result in a new range of bikes from Benelli that makes use of the same motor. It is by now a common practice not only among the European brands that are owned by the Chinese manufacturers, nor the Chinese manufacturers themselves, but also in the Japanese brands, and even the more exclusive European ones like Ducati. So, it could be expected that this new 400cc twin could find its way into more than just Benelli’s new tourer.

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