Baran Anubis CruiserCross: an adventurous EV two-wheeler from Indonesia

The Indonesian energy company and EV manufacturer Baran has made its electric motorcycle, the Anubis CruiserCross, available for pre-order.

Baran Anubis CruiserCross.

Baran is an energy company out of Indonesia, and they have made an EV,  a motorcycle called the Anubis CruiserCross. 

The Indonesian people go mad for motorcycles. Whether it’s street bikes or dirt bikes, they love riding two-wheels, and watching two-wheeled sport, from WorldSBK to MXGP.

Baran’s vision is, according to its website, “To be the largest electric battery in Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region.”

To do this, they want to push both electric vehicles (EV) and renewable energy, so the pollution of the vehicle is minimised. 

Their first go at an EV is the Anubis CruiserCross. The “CruiserCross” part of the name is a giveaway for the bike’s target: to be capable both on- and off-road. As Indonesia’s road network is a mix of both asphalt and gravel roads, this is a design that makes sense.

Perhaps, then, it does not make sense that the only quoted range for the Anubis CruiserCross is 132km (82 miles) for urban (city) riding (achieved thanks to a battery with a 6.3kWh nominal capacity). However, over 80% of Indonesia’s road network is made up of city roads, so, in fact, its urban capabilities are perhaps its most relevant.

But, what about the “Anubis” part of the name. Well, Anubis was of course the god of death, and most things surrounding it, in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. You might argue that naming a bike after a god of death and of the “Underworld” is somewhat distasteful, but you can buy a pizza called “diavolo” from a restaurant that describes itself as “authentic,” so it should not be a problem.

In any case, the contemporary understanding of the worship of Anubis by the Egyptians is that they praised him for taking care of their body after their death in this world, and transporting it to the next one.

The Baran Anubis CruiserCross is unlikely to carry you from one world to another, or protect your body after you die, but it should get you to where you want to go fairly rapidly. This is thanks to the bike’s electric motor, that produces 46 horsepower and 106Nm of torque, which will power it to a top speed of 158kph, or 98mph. 

As yet, there is no published price for the Anubis CruiserCross by Baran, but it is available for pre-order on their website.

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