Arc Vector electric motorcycle project rises from the ashes

The Arc Vector electric motorcycle has been brought back from the dead by the founder of the project

Arc Vector

THE all-electric Arc Vector project has been brought back from the brink by the man who started it all back in 2018.

The launch of the Vector was a flashy affair, away from the bustle of the EICMA show in a trendy Milan bar, Marc Truman chatted to me candidly about the project and its challenges.

Fast forward twelve months and the news broke that the project had gone belly up and the £90,000 Arc Vector was no more.

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Today though it seems that the project is very much up and running after the man behind the UK’s most advanced electric motorcycle bought the company back from administration. And he’s not hanging about either, as he hopes to be delivering bikes to customers in as little as twelve months.

The Vector is a super-exclusive carbon fibre wonder, with an innovative front end that is claimed to provide all of the feel and dynamics of forks, without any of the drawbacks. The bike is claimed to produce 127bhp and has a range of 260+ miles. It weighs in at 220kg has a 16.8kWh battery pack and has a top speed of 125mph.

The bike features a raft of never seem before elements for an electric motorcycle. The first is a haptic jacket that is worn by the rider. It alerts them to dangers around them through small vibrations and pulses in the extremities of the garment. The other is a specially designed helmet that is equipped with a HUD. It relays the bike’s vitals and also trip information to the rider while on the road.

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