Aprilia RS660 Trofeo edition on open pipes sounds amazing

The Aprilia RS660 Trofeo edition has been spotted at the track undergoing testing prior to its official launch

Aprilia RS660 Trofeo edition

THE race-only version of the Aprilia RS660 has been spotted undergoing track-testing and we can finally hear how this race-tuned machine sounds.

Aprilia RS660 video review

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The dust has barely settled on the Aprilia RS660 launch in Vincenza the other week and a new video has surfaced on social media showing the Trofeo version of the bike undergoing track testing. The video is the first time we’ve heard the track-only version of the bike breathing through a stunning looking – and sounding – SC Racing exhaust system.

The pipes are available to punters although they are listed as a track-only item and not homologated for road use – although we’re pretty sure some will find their way onto the streets given how sweet they sound!

Aprilia RS660 Trofeo Edition SC Racing exhaust sound

The video was posted on an RS660 group on Facebook by Gabriele Malara, at one of the circuits local to the Aprilia factory in Noale. The last time the bike was seen it was being tested by Aprilia test rider and MotoE pilot Tommaso Marcon.

The bike features new track fairings and has all the road associated gubbins removed. With no official confirmation of the bike’s final spec, we can only guess as to the internal improvements carried out. The bike’s 100bhp engine has likely been fettled, although it’s not likely to have much more power than stock. From there we can assume the machine features revised fork and rear shock internals, more peppy brake pads, and racy clip-on handlebars.

The machine is being touted as being the star of its own one-make race series, something we assume Aprilia will be announcing in 2021 – COVID-19 dependant!