Aprilia launches stars-and-stripes paint job for RS 660 Limited Edition

A special AMA-inspired RS 660 Limited Edition has been released by Aprilia.

Aprilia RS 660 Limited Edition stars & stripes background.

APRILIA have today, 9 March 2022, launched their RS 660 Limited edition. The bike features, most prominently, a special livery with the ‘stars and stripes’ of the US flag, complete in red, white and blue. 

The Limited Edition of Aprilia’s middle-weight sports bike is intended to tribute the brand’s success in the States’ AMA National Road Racing Championship, where, in 2021, Aprilia won the Twins Cup - a series dedicated to two-cylinder machines that forms part of the support roster for the MotoAmerica superbike class - with Kaleb de Keyrel aboard an RS 660.

There are some minor technical, and aesthetic (other than the paint), tweaks for the Limited Edition. Firstly, the gearbox is able to be set electronically to an inverted pattern (push down to shift up, pull up to shift down), like that used in racing. Secondly, there is a rear seat cowl; and also an enlarged fairing for improved air flow.

Performance-wise, there is nothing different about the RS 660 Limited Edition from the standard bike (our review of which can be found here). That means 100 horsepower at 10,500rpm and 67Nm of torque at 8,500rpm from the 659cc two-cylinder motor that is connected to the rear wheel via a six-speed, quick-shift gearbox. Those 100 Italian horses will be controllable primarily by the rider’s right wrist, but also through the APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control), which includes five riding modes and multimap ABS, ensuring the rider does not get overzealous with the 320mm front disc and radial callipers from Brembo. 

There are 1500 RS 660 Limited Editions available, and each one will have its own unique number featured in a badge on the fuel tank. A whereas a standard RS 660 will set you back £10,300, the Limited Edition comes in at £10,600.