Another new electric motorcycle breaks cover

New York start-up manufacturer Tarform unveil new machine

Tarform electric motorcycle
Tarform electric motorcycle

Electric bike start-up, Tarform, has announced its first model and we think it looks rather good! The machine is a mix of retro styling, modern manufacturing techniques and 21st century tech like proximity warnings and servicing reminders. 

Tarform state the bike includes artificial intelligence, that makes the vehicle aware of its surroundings and that it has the ability to inform the rider of any potential danger. 

The price tag for the bike is $18,000 (about £14,000) which means any potential buyer is really going to have to want the hipster-levels of cool the bike delivers to part with that much dough. Especially when you consider the bike’s range, which is claimed to be around 90 miles! Other specs and techincal info are scarce but we'll fill you in with further info as we get it.

The bike is supposed to be ready for delivery in 2019 and should you want one you can pre-order the standard bike and a collector’s edition via their website.

For more information on the Tarform head to: 

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