All the bikes that Visordown can’t wait to ride in 2021

Despite much of the woe that has been thrust upon us in 2020, next year actually looks like an incredibly good year for new motorcycles

All the bikes that Visordown can’t wait to ride in 2021

IF you’ve been following Visordown closely, you’ll know that we have had an absolute shed-load of new and updated bikes released in the last few months.

In actual fact, we’ve not had any more than in previous years, it’s just without motorcycle shows and events going on, the manufacturers and motorcycle media have had to work doubly hard to get the message out there!

Brand New Motorcycles We Can't Wait To Ride In 2021

12 Brand New Motorcycles We Can't Wait To Ride In 2021 | Honda X-ADV, Yamaha MT09... |

But fear not, as quantity has not overshadowed quality, and we’ve truly had some exciting bikes announced for 2021.

From all-new models to facelifted best-sellers, the cast list for the 2021 showreel of new metal is looking incredibly good indeed.

And it’s not just the headline-grabbing superbikes that are making us flush with excitement. Even the updated stuff looks mega, with the all-new Honda Forza 750, updated X-ADV, and tweaked CB1000R looking like winners for Big Red.

We obviously can’t talk about 2021 without mentioning Kawasaki, and the new updated ZX-10R and ZX-10RR. It may be true they aren’t built to win hearts on the road – or in a beauty pageant. With the sole purpose of this machine being to help Jonathan Rea lift another world title, we’re praying to the Kawasaki gods for a track launch on that thing very soon!

And then there’s the long-awaited and much talked about Multistrada V4. We’ve known it was coming for literally yonks, and now its here, we just want to ride the thing and see what 170bhp in a long-legged sports tourer feels like!

Hurry up and bugger off COVID-19, we got bikes to ride!


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johnrowe's picture

I'm so looking forward to buying one of these for my future riding experiences.



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