About-turn for Mission Motors

Cancelled electric superbike project reborn

MISSION Motors was among the front-running firms hoping to make a production electric superbike a few years ago – getting as far as demonstrating its prototype and making plans for sales and marketing. But then the company changed its mind, deciding to concentrate on developing electric drive technology for other firms instead of going into production.

The electric bike – the Mission R – continued to develop as a rolling demonstrator of the technology, transforming from a hefty-looking, comic-book-style ‘concept’ into a rather attractive sports bike along the way. Shame it wasn’t planned for production. Except in a U-turn that shows the Mission boys should really be taking up roles in politics, now the production plans are back in place again.

Details are sketchy but the newly launched website www.mission-motorcycles.com says that an announcement about the “most advanced production motorcycle in existence” and “the highest performing street-legal electric vehicle ever made” will be made on June 3 this year.