5 coolest A2 bikes of 2019

With BSB winner, Brad Ray just passing his A2 bike test this week, we thought we’d bring you the coolest A2 bikes you can buy in 2019

Vitpilen 701

An A2 bike licence is available to people aged 21 and upwards and allows you to ride a bike with no more than 35kW (46.6bhp). A few years ago, that meant a one-way ticket to Dull-Ville, with most of the bikes available being tired looking commuter machines or the type of bikes you took your test on. But this is 2018, the A2 licence sector is buzzing with new bikes, and 2019 looks even better. From sportsbikes to nakeds, adventure bikes to cafe racers – if you want an A2 bike with style and substance, check out our top five below.

Husqvarna 701 Svartpilen (A2 restricted)

You may think it’s weird that I’ve chosen the 701 for this list as Husky’ already have two A2 compliant bikes in their stable, the 401 Svartpilen and Vitpilen, but look at it – it’s gorgeous! And the good news for those that like the sleek, matt black finish and Batman styling, it can be restricted to be A2 compliant!

The bonus here is that you buy the bike, probably on a two or three-year PCP deal, ride the thing and then when you go unrestricted (24 years old) take off the restrictor and you have one of the best single cylinder bikes on the market.

Honda CBR500R

For 2019 the CBR500R gets a proper, sporty looking makeover with improved riding position, LED lights and new decals. The engine has also had a refresh and now features a new-rider friendly, slipper clutch and improved dash that looks to follow the design and layout of the CB1000R.

Expect the bike to hit the showrooms in early spring next year with prices TBC

Kawasaki Z400

The Ninja 400 parallel twin engine in a naked form, with Kawasaki’s trademark Sugomi design philosophy, makes for a lighter, more powerful replacement for the old Z300. There’s a full digital dash, trellis frame and big-bike bodywork design – and the little Ninja even gets an LED headlight and slipper clutch.

Yamaha R3

Alongside its R1M inspired styling, the updated small-capacity supersport bike features a range of new performance-enhancing technology and refined ergonomics.

The 2019 model retains its 321cc twin-cylinder powertrain and lightweight steel tubular frame, which utilises the engine as a stressed member.

Kawasaki Versys-X 300

Kawasaki say the Versys-X 300 is a bike capable of tackling ‘any road’. The idea is that it’s not exactly an off-road machine but will still maintain poise when the road turns to dirt. It’s an around-town, back road, motorway, gravel road to your folks’ house in the country kind of bike.

EICMA - Kawasaki z1000