2016 Honda CB500X first look

Tokyo Show launch for revised middleweight

THESE darkened teaser pictures show the new CB500X that Honda will launch next week at the Tokyo Motor Show. 

The firm has revealed that the restyled bike will get LED lights both front and rear, apparently to ‘enhance its masculine looks.’ Sorry girls, it seems LEDs aren’t for you.

It also gets a 10cm taller windscreen, which should help improve comfort, and preload adjusters are added to the front suspension. Like the new CBR500R that Honda showed last week, the CB500X also gets a span-adjustable brake lever and an improved gearshift mechanism.

In Japan the bike will be offered as the smaller-capacity CB400X to comply with local rules, but everywhere else the capacity will stay at 500.

The teaser picture of the CB500X was released alongside one of the 2016 NC750X, which has also been revised.

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