2013 Victory Boardwalk teased

Radical American superbike! Only joking, it's another cruiser

IT must be in year one, term one and lesson one of every modern marketing course that prior to launching a new product you now must release a 'teaser' video on YouTube.

And Victory's marketeers were paying attention in class because they've ticked every clichéd box when it comes to the teaser for the new 2013 Boardwalk model. Greying, tired, middle-aged businessman transforms to rugged modern day cowboy the moment he dons his (open faced, matt black) helmet and climbs aboard his Victory Boardwalk, immediately getting transported from the city bustle to the wide open spaces of blah-de-blah-de-blah. You can imagine those marketing types scribbling buzzwords on a whiteboard with squeaky marker pens (let's guess, er, 'freedom', 'passion', 'individualism' – are we warm?) while storyboarding the whole thing. There's even a generic bluesy-rocky soundtrack, and the ubiquitous disclaimer at the end “Always wear a helmet, eye protection (er, your man didn't...), protective clothing, and obey the speed limit” to bring the whole illusion crashing to the ground.

Anyway, the bike, what little we can see of it, doesn't break too many moulds. Hooded chrome headlight, 'Freedom' V-twin engine, a feet-forward riding position, you know the score. But the fuel tank and rear mudguard have a distinct central crease which suggests something other than pure retro looks for the finished article, and given Victory's recent new bike record, it's probably going to be very good at its job. Which is more than can be said for the firm's unimaginative marketeers.

If the teaser has worked and has you wiping drool from your keyboard after watching it (due to anticipation, not sleep) then you haven't got long to wait as the bike will be revealed in full on July 30.