2012 MV Agusta Brutale 675 teased

Video shows bike a week before official launch

WHY is it that companies hoping to part customers with thousands of pounds of their hard-earned think that the best way to do it is by teasing them?

The trend for 'teaser' videos, slowly leaking information out prior to a launch that inevitably loses all it's impact has snowballed this year – witness Kawasaki's extended attempt at viral marketing with the ZZR1400 – and now MV Agusta is in on the act with its own teaser video, this time for the totally-unsurprising Brutale 675.

They actually show the whole bike, but manage to do it in an annoying way by constantly going out of focus, cutting between angles and shaking the camera about; the result being rather like that of handing your video camera to a three-year-old. But pause it at the right moment and you can see the bike.

And yes, it's a naked version of the F3 with a Dali-esque 'melted' headlight like the bigger Brutale, a new seat unit, but sticking with the F3's triple stacked exhausts. Looks good as far as we can tell, as you'd expect from a bike that's presumably been styled by British designer Adrian Morton (he of the latest F4, the F3, the Benelli Tornado and TNT and one of Tamburini's understudies in the design of the original F4). It's just a shame they haven't just released some proper pictures of it instead of a video dreamt up by clueless marketing execs...