Watch: Enduro rider's incredibly close call

Have you ever seen a near miss like this?!

Watch: Enduro rider's incredibly close call

HARD ENDURO. It's like riding the world's fastest rollercoaster blind. 

Riders have to be on top of their game not only physically, but also mentally, with reaction times faster than a cheetah on crack. 

'Why?' you may ask. Well, just take a look at this near miss...

After crashing on a section of deep sand, the first rider runs to pull his machine from the filming rider's path. But as he does so a third rider gets involved in the melee.

He appears to use the crashed bike as a take off ramp and misses the first rider by milimetres. How absolutely terrifying.

Luckily it appears all three emerged unharmed, although I doubt the same the same can be said for their pants. 

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