WATCH: Carl Fogarty racing off-road on the Tour of Man

The ‘King of the Jungle’ looks pretty wild as he races a Honda Dominator on the Isle of Man

Foggy Isle of Man IMC Tour of Man

CARL FOGARTY is synonymous with the TT but in 1989 he raced a different kind of machine on the famous island.

The Tour of Man was a multi-discipline competition that saw riders like Foggy, Nick Jefferies, Terry Rymer, Steve Hislop and many more competing in time trial events on what look like lightly modified production motorcycles.

In the clip above you can see Foggy adopting an all or nothing approach to what looks like a heavily rutted and technical route up Skyhill. Draped in perfectly on-trend shell-suit, the fact that Foggy and pals are giving the bikes such a pummelling is even more surprising given that most of them were competing in WSBK and BSB at the time!

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