Updated 2018 Yamaha WR250F and WR450F revealed

Round of upgrades and new graphics for Yamaha’s 250 and 450 enduro models

Updated 2018 Yamaha WR250F and WR450F revealed

YAMAHA has revealed the 2018 WR250F and WR450F with a range of updates.

The WR250F (pictured above) gets a new cylinder head design with reshaped intake and exhausts ports plus a shorter intake funnel which the firm says boosts top-end.

New camshafts and valve springs also boost mid-range, according to Yamaha.

The 250 also gets a revised ECU and redesigned clutch push lever, while the kickstarter mechanism has been removed to save weight.

The frame comes from the YZ250F, offering ‘precise handling combined with high stability,’ Yamaha says.

The graphics have also been revised.

Meanwhile the WR450F gets a new ECU for ‘improved throttle feel and a smoother pick up’ plus revised suspension settings.

The 450 also loses the kickstarter to save weight and gets new graphics, blue rims and an additional side cover.

The 2018 Yamaha WR450F