Top Gear’s Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris let rip on electric MX bikes

But is it actually them...?

TOP GEAR is typically a car show, but sometimes the team can’t help but indulge in a little two wheeled action – can you blame them?

And this latest video has to be their best yet. Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris head to the mountains in search of Big Foot, on two rather silent steeds.

That’s right, instead of expansion chambers and engine noise, these bikes boast a battery and a quiet buzz. They’re the Redshift MX – the off-road masterpiece from Alta Motors, a company which reportedly ceased production and shut its doors back in October.

The video shows the pair racing up the hillside, with their somewhat awkward chat recorded via microphones in their helmets.

But viewers have questioned whether the pair did their own stunts, with one commenting: “Matt looks skinnier when he wheelies.”

We agree…

However, fans have stood up for him, with one replying: “Matt LeBlanc has raced motorcycles on an amateur level for years and Chris Harris has been into bikes for a long time, no stunt riders here.”

Whatever the case, it's a cool video showcasing the an excellent electric machine.

RIP Alta...